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Greetings to everyone. Your past support of New World Villages has been very humbling for me. All the completed projects of the last 19 years could not have occurred without your continued faith in what NWV is all about. 

Our most recent project was a clinic and a communication system placement in remote Guatemala. Partnering with Guatemala Village Health (a Seattle based 501c3) the project was a complete success! More information and photos will be added to our website in the near future. This outstanding project could not have been completed without the generous grant NWV received from the

William E. Wockner Foundation!!

A very heartfelt thanks goes out to this wonderful foundation.


We are back to making project trips to various countries in 2023 and our team is very excited!


Please see our "most recent projects" page for more details.

Again, thanks for all the support you have given our teams in the past and we ask you to continue your valued help going forward!

Malachy Moran

Executive Director
















New World Villages appreciates any donations whether monetary, equipment needed for projects, gifts in kind, laptops, or grant opportunities.

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New World Villages would appreciate your help in our mission. You can donate funds to our projects, join us on our  trips to help complete projects, offer your services for fund raising, approach us with a project you have in mind or have your organization team up with us for a partnership project!

New World Villages is an all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, founded in September 2004.  Our mission is to provide a hand up to the poorest of the poor living in the Americas by helping to increase their educational level, health, and human dignity. More than ninety five percent of all donations go directly to the projects we target.





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